Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One thing that i really hate(i don't mind using the word) is a cigarette. Smoking is one nasty habit.

A few bakeries lie in my route to the bus-stop. Apparently, these places serve to be suitable hangouts for smokers. I see a bunch of men, everyday, lighting cigarettes, beedis, consuming beverages along with smoke. Young boys, teenagers, who light cigarettes with ease.

Why would anybody want to smoke?

I find ambiguity dominating all my thoughts regarding the same. I simply cannot understand why people would want to continue with something that is injurious to their health. Even when they are aware of the serious repercussions.

I'm not trying to profess about the ill-effects of smoking. It's common sense to avoid something that'll harm us.

Cancer being one of the killer diseases, the occurance of which is enhanced by cigarette smoke. I've seen cancer patients, with grotesque faces, on my way to Christ College. The families used to alight near the Kidwai Hospital. Anxiousness writ on their faces, their vacant eyes seemed to search for hope.

There's this boy, who used to sell flowers to us. He used to push his cart along the length of our road, in the evenings, calling out in a loud voice. Mother has bought flowers from him many times. Now, i see the same boy lighting a cigarette.

Where is the spirit that steers us away from the wrongs in life? That which enables us to lead a better life....


balar said...

Nice Post..
I always remember the phrase "Smoke is injurious to Health, Others" .. :)

manu said...

Well its just not about smoking, but also getting addicted to Alcohol and Drugs ,that is injurious and fatal to health. What is important is to know is its so called elite and educated who get addicted to drugs and alcohol(simple logic they can afford it). But despite being aware of it bad health effect they still continue their habit(complex logic!!!)
It's not an requirement or neccesity to smoke, drink or intake drugs, but the youth go for it for creating identity amidst themselves and their peer. Not knowing that these products contains addictive stuff, to which they fall prey in long run.
It's simple logic to ban there sales(cigar and alcohol)near resendtial and educational areas and levy heavy taxes on these product. Atleast it can act as a detterent to buy them.

Srik said...

There are many aspects to be considered.
For one is the influence of media, television and movies.
When Shahrukh khan is posing with a cigarette, faithful followers think its giving him strength and blindly follow him.

Second is the influence of friends, which I think the most dangerous of all. "Onde ondu puff hodyamma parvagilla..." or "Yeno gandhi...." such criticism is not resisted by a few who fall pray.

But I have no issues if this happens at a faily later age when one can think of what is good to him. But its happening among our school buddies in high schools or sometimes even before!!

Another aspect and most cruelsome is a father smoking in front of his young son or him buying the cigarette thru his son while at home :( What a tragedy!! Same thing holds good to alcohol too.
Drugsssss are purely a gift for the "elite" bade baap ke bigde bache, I have nothing much to add!!

Shiv said...


What is more irritating is the total lack of responsibility or sensibility for others.Let them smoke & go to wherever the smoke takes them, but atleast they should know that others may not like it.

I agree wid Srik, it all starts wid one puff & taunting from friends.I went through it but I had made a decision that I'll never touch it & I still going good on that.

mouna said...

nice one there, so apt!!

identities can also be created by not habituating oneself to these habits. somehow, i do not agree with u in one aspect, people do know that these are habit-formng, and still they fall prey.

icons yes, thay are one bad lot!

it should matter at a later stage too, if one can think with respect to something good, they should avoid. performing such acts in front of youngsters can have a terrible impact, where are we leading our younger generation?

the mind and the self matters a lot, irrespect of inluences from various sides, one should take a determined stand.

i am glad, u made the right decision :)

i still feel that whether others like it or not, it's not appreciable and should not be followed at all.

anand balaji said...

"Why would anybody want to smoke?"
That's a question I have no answer for... I have been a smoker for a long time and lack the willpower to give up.
In fact, what started out as fun, has over the years become an integral part of my daily routine, so much so that I cannot spell out my ideas in articles etc if I don't have the death stick between my lips. No, I don't claim it stimulates my mind, if anything, it could be eating up my brain and lungs!
You've brought out very interesting thoughts.