Sunday, March 04, 2007

BU rots

A sincere request.

If anybody wants to pursue pure sciences-undergraduate and postgraduate(?) in Bangalore, please, SCRAP THE IDEA. Under the purview of the infamous Bangalore University(BU), everything turns out to be crap, big time!!

My dearest enemy, whoever you are(i don't think i've one). Take my words. A humble request, from my side.

Apparently, nothing seems right with BU, from the syllabus, schedule, announcement of results. I've never found anything worse than BU.... Well, as one can notice i simply can go on and on. We've exhausted our foul-sounding verbal supplies. Unfortunately, BU pretends to be deaf, while all our prospects are doomed.

While everybody around me go about highlighting the education one avails in Bangalore. It is strictly limited to technical sciences and medicine. Arts and commerce.... they function under the BU too.

How i wish i was enlightened earlier. Regretting seems utterly useless.


Shiv said...


Reminds me of that famous song frm Pink Floyd..

"We dont need no education.."

Heard it?
Hopefully u wont do like those kids in the song:)

Prashanth M said...

That's life.. One has to live with it :)

On the other hand, never got a chance to study under BU. Ours was the first batch of VTU.

mouna said...

illa, i haven't heard it, what's with the kids i that song, i think they are cute.

i bet you people were better off, we are the first batch of semester scheme of BU, and the last too(wrt MCC), it became autonomous right after we reached second year!

Pegasus said...

Bangalore is a Home of IISC. and there is no institution in India which can even come close to the quality of higher education provided by it. IITs included.
so dear what other other options do I have.
I do not know about BU... but I am sure it must be attracting some visiting faculty from IISC.

Anonymous said...

hey ...thts true...BU rots...but i guess the staff is unable to keep up the pace with the new semester system...its a drastic change...they were not well prepared...but thats how it has been working ever since...through generations....but subject vise...its pretty good i think....

mouna said...

that does happen in some colleges, in post-graduate studies, but BU stinks!

if they had not thought about the repercussions, why did they have to start it at all?

subject-wise, atleast life-sciences is seeing only age-old stuff!