Saturday, March 24, 2007

love at first touch

They've always had a liking towards me. They attack me like they've never met a human being before. Hungry for love, for my blood with utmost passion. At times more than two speed towards me with a hum that is characteristically theirs'. A sound which vibrates in my ears for some time. Perhaps, due their affection for my ears, or the buzz that never leaves the proximity of my precious ear.

I've warded it with many mechanical and chemical means. Trying to inflict pain upon it appears impossible. Fleeing away with new-found energy, they are on the lookout for another victim. Somebody who can provide it blood. Blood for it's existance.

Itching is initiated. A response from the body, which informs me that somebody is sucking my blood. At my loss. On studying it's biology, the mouthparts are made in accordance with it's needs. A god-given gift. How i wish, creation had provided me with defences to foil it's plan. Something that turns out to be very useful. A thick and tough skin, proving it's worth in hindering the process of piercing my otherwise soft skin. Eyes, which can track it's path, successfully. A brain which'll inform me of it's direction of flight, with efficient foresight.


Maintaining a strict vigil on my movements, they charge at me from nowhere. Be it any place, while i'm resting on my sofa, rocking my chair gently, during the time spent in front of the computer. Clever that they are, they do not wish to stay apart even for the night. I'm woken up in the middle of the night by their ever-resounding hum. Only to my chagrin, even when the mosquito-net is in place. I swear and swear. Hitting at them, performing gymnastics on my bed, in the end, i give up.

'Boss, you rule!' A thick layer of mosquito repellant cream is applied. Believing that these creams do function their best in my regard, i again enter a world of dreams.

I think, i'm a record holder for the largest number of mosquito bites at a given point of time. Five red, itchy swells on each foot is quite an achievement. With an often-practised bite, each one lasts for a week, growing in size, resulting in a welt.

Honey, please can you spare me for some time. All i can do is plead.

Dearest nosquito, will you consider my request?


December Stud said...

LOL...very nice read...

No, cricket on your blog, huh ? ;)

mouna said...

cricket, somehow, we've stayed apart for quite some time :)

you want an obituary? ;)

Shiv said...


Mosquito union had actually sent a responded to you..but somehow the reply landed in my mailbox.I'm forwarding the response to u...

Dear Mouna,

We at Mosquito Union tries to be as much impartial as possible when we choose our customers.But there are few elite customers on our list that we simply love them and it gives immense pleasure in saying that you are one of them.

We thank you so much for your patronage.But recently we have observed that you are getting into some stuffs like repellents which are seriously dampening our relationship.

We request you to reconsider such options.Please let us know if you are not happy with something in our customer service.If you want we can play different tunes for you and with state of art technology we can make the sucking totally non-painable.

Looking forward for a long relationship

Yours truely,
Ms.Machhar M
Mosquito Union


Raghu said...

oh..even my house is full of them!
Try those liquid repellants, they are the best I think. The trouble with the cream is that the irritating buzz is still exists!

mouna said...

thanks for the forward.


Respected Machar M,

I'm thankful for your efforts regarding me as one of your favourite customers. I'd like to remind you that a customer's interest is of utmost concern. And i believe that you are aware of that.

Thank you for hearing me out, and a pleasant goodbye to you.

Yours sincerely,


Shiv, ee message na forward maaDi please :)

yes, i realized the drawback in using a cream, a valuable tip, indeed, thanks!! :)

Srik said...

Very nice!!

mouna said...

smiles smiles!!

Anonymous said...

well i guess its the case with everybody...hmm...5 at a time great ..must have gone red and swollen..maybe till a heavy rainfall...we have to deal with it..

mouna said...

great??!! to control scratching during such times is pretty difficult, what u say is true.

Sanjay M said...

ha ha ha good to read shiv's forward as well ;))

do you know, mosquitoes can stay still in flight, and fly backwards as well! That's probably what makes them so elusive. I think your body has a high energy level dissipating heat, usually they are attracted to heat. You could put on the fan - even at a low speed, the wind kind of disturbs their flight (consider how light they are!)

From what I remember of Meet The Animal of Tinkle comics... actually one cannot really sense their bite, because they first inject a kind of chemical like a mild anesthetic. But its the chemical that gives the itching after the job is done :) probably often before they fly away! I feel we're not sensitive enough to feel them sitting and then injecting, unless we're really really attentive! Its only the females that do the blood collecting for feeding the young, the males live on fruits etc.

Guess one could say... one small itch for mankind, a giant meal for a mosquito!

mouna said...

@ shiv, nimma machar union is attaining fame!! :D

mosquitoes inject heparin, which is an anti-coagulant. it is after the bite, when the action of heparin fades away, and the itch begins! friends and M say that my blood tastes sweeter, than the others :D

yes, mosquitoes are attracted my heat, and since blood vessels are present superficially at the edges of the body, they hum near the ears, and usually bite the hands and legs. and mind you, u wouldn't want to see your image, that which is percieved by it, it looks disgusting!! as for the fan thingie, they've become more powerful i guess :p