Thursday, March 22, 2007

amazingly stupid

Yesterday night, i let my eyes glance on Star Plus for some time. Of the half-an-hour(or so) of my television viewing quota per day. KBC was playing on Star Plus. I've never seen KBC for more than two minutes. Anyways, Khan fails to impress me(i was blown over by his role in Swades, which probably accounts for about 0.0001%).

The idea behind a reality show like KBC is to make money. To fool the general public into watching a lame show, while Khan, and Star take home hard cash.

I halted at Star Plus, while on my channel-changing spree. A question appeared on the television screen.

'' In the song 'Kya mujhe pyaar hai' of the movie 'Woh lamhe', the hero is supposed to sleep less, and he experiences more of what?"

There were four options. Need i say this- they were atrociously stupid. Primarily speaking, the question asked was simply scandalous. Why would anybody want to ask such a baseless question, rather why would anybody want to answer it? And we are speaking about a game show which is worshipped by many, and watched by millions and millions.

I was stunned, truly. If one wants to participate in such a show, please listen to all the recent tracks, see all the latest movies, even if they don't make sense. Afterall, they also can be termed as 'general knowledge'!

Forget listening to such tracks, most of the times. i'm hardly aware of them. If not for the radio that has empowered us, it would years before i get to know these things. When they are considered 'old' , while i'm called a 'peabrain' !


manu said...

well im not against the show, nor the type of question they usually ask, for i even feel they are vary lame, but thats the average indian general knowledge questions. As far as money is concerned, hmm its doing brisk business.

Sriram said...

hmm...probably you havent seen the localised versions in telugu, kannada etc...the questions were even stupider. but its just the lure of easy money that makes people send SMSes and feed the sponsors of such stupid shows...

anand balaji said...

I completely agree with you that it's a dumb show. Please check my blog (KBC ‘un’gyan)on the same subject.

I think only pathetic TV-cravers would watch such horrible shows that are, as you rightly pointed out, aimed at making a fool of viewers!

Shiv said...

This would have happened anytime..
When it involves mass there is no place for class..

A brilliant quiz master like Siddhartha Basu who amazes with 'University Challenge' kind of quizes in BBC can come up with many silly things like that..thanks money

(I guess still Basu is the brain behind the questions??)

anand balaji said...

Yes, it Siddharth Basu who is behind such crap. He seems to be losing a hold of his faculties and looks older, but none the wiser! Or maybe, he has run out of good questions... lolll

mouna said...

average general knowledge is fine, but this does not fall under it. who would ever catogarize this as gk?

ya, u are right. dubbing them in regional languages. it's very stupid, of all things these shows hardly showcase the south..

i think that some manipulation is in place, why would basu put forth such questions?... isn't he considered the guru of quizzing...

the quality can be preserved when something's happening on a large scale...

i think... you know given the money and the viewership ratings of such a show, they simply do not bnother about it. they started off with this in mind, didn't they..

anand balaji said...

You hit the nail on the head mouna!
It's monetary considerations and TRPs all the way!

Shiv said...

Yes Anand, TRP is the mantra there !

Whatever cheap & stupid Qs it used to be, atleast the questions appeared to have some gravity when coming from Amitabh's I heard it became total melodrama ?

anand balaji said...

Ya Shiv... though I am not a fan Mr. Bachchan, I have to concede that the man had dignity and presence.

mouna said...

hugging srk is the main priority, i guess people only want to do that..

i've not seen part-1..