Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the sky at night

The night was young. an ink-blue sky surrounded me. A coconut tree swayed to the tunes of a slight breeze. Soft wind hit me, the waves of which caressed by cheeks. A crescent moon decked the sky. Pure white light emanated from it, creating various shades of blue around it. Stars twinkled in an abyss of darkness. Some of them were bright, the others seemed hidden between the clouds.

Time passed. The moon had disappeared behind the clouds. Only shimmering stars, were left, the number of which seems never-ending. I tried counting, but lost track soon.

Having attempted to count them a few times, i felt lost amongst them.


Srik said...

During our childhood, we would play by saying "Ammana seere madisakke agalla....Appana duddu yenisakke agalla..."(I can't fold mother's saree and I cant count father's money)
It idiomised sky and stars spread over the sky :-) Thats how we got interest in the night sky. If one asks me what part of the month I like the most, I will definitely answer the fortnight before the new moon. Thats because of amazing patterns of stars!!!

Night sky is the one thing that Nature offers us as if to communicate "There is so much that is out of your reach"!!

manu said...

Mankind has always been fascinated with the night sky. It has aroused scientific fervour among intellectuals. The poets have found there pen speak volumes on night sky. Love couples find it a source of companion when they miss each other.

mouna said...

something in nature that is inconquerable.

manu, may i add this, the moon is a child's companion too, when it is fed, when it is made to sleep...

VENU VINOD said...

sky is everybody's companion.
thats why poems generated.....
minugele minugele nakshatra, ye tara wo tara har tara etc.