Saturday, February 03, 2007

mall culture

Malls in Bangalore are relatively new. With just a handful, and a few slated to make an appearance in the near future.

Malls, with multiplexes are termed as exciting places, where shopping, eating... can be carried out under one roof. Teaming with people, notably youngsters, an expansive food court which caters to many a taste bud. With the city playing host to BPOs', the IT industry.... money comes easily. The weekend trend also seems to have begun with malls. Friends, families spending weekends together, in malls.

I've visited most of the malls, in the recent past. They appear fun, for the first-timers. The lights.. the luxury environs... the sights and sounds. At the same time, it sounds mundane. With the same brands.... the same shops.... the same crowd.... I'd rather prefer Forum solely due to the presence of Landmark. Garuda Mall - i didn't find it interesting, and about Sigma Mall, there's nothing to talk about it.

On the other hand, i prefer strolling on M.G. Road and Gandhi Bazar Main Road. These places are somewhat pleasant, subdued in their own ways, even though they are crowded. Probably because i know these streets pretty well. Those familiar stores, the familiar cart which sells peanuts.... the book-seller from whom i purchase second-hand Robin Cooks'.

Update: I've uploaded a few more of my works on MS-Paint. It appears as a sidebar.


Shiv said...

Mall Culture is indeed here and all signs that it will flourish in all senses..

When I was in Blr, Garuda was not yet don't know how it is and how big it is..

But Forum was good I thought & Central though is small..its nice.

But as Mouna said there is something missing here..something about strolling on MG Road/Brigade Roads on a busy wkend.

Just a piece of information..I live in a place called Torrance and it houses the second largest mall in US and one of the top 20 largest malls in is called 'Del Amo Fashion Center'..

Srik said...


Yes, the mall system is here to stay and grow, I guess.

Recently there was one opened on JC Road. The Big bazars have already created a chaos among the daily travelers in front of them, there are other retailers like Subiksha, one new mall on Mysore road namely "Gopalan"!! And the list might have new names in a few days.

All the malls give exquisite ads on papers as they sell the cheapest, but once u go in and find out, u'll end up spending more than anywhere else otherwise.

I dont know whether its a good development or bad. I sometimes like the concept, some other times, I feel sad for my usual grocery seller, whom I've stopped visiting fr quiet some time now!!

mouna said...

the mall that u are talking about must be HUGE. somehow this 'mall concept' is vague, and i miss the comfortable feeling that m.g. road or commercial street offers me.

ya, i've seen the one on j.c.road many times, but i've not been there as such. the door opens right into the road, to add to the confusion that already exists!

the big-bazar sorts are an intelligent lot, what u say is true!

Prashanth M said...

Me too prefer roaming around lpaces such as Jayanagar 4th block or DVG road...

and during my more than 8-9 years of stay here in B'lore- have been to Forum just twice and to Garuda just once!

mouna said...

that's what i do most of the times, eat something at roti ghar, and roam around that place. the roadside shops, especially the flower ones makes the place unique.

Anonymous said...

Its always a pleasure to walk along mg road and specially if you are shoppoholic....commercial st is never ending.Malls which mainly attract the teens is just another place to hang out....its a new concept which is still an excitment..anyways considering the sales wonder theres always some discount sale happening...which considering the fact is still very the end i would love to do window shopping at mgs than the malls

Anonymous said...

your paintings are great with your imagination...i liked your market place...and the geo stuff....though it was nice..would have understand better with some explanation of your thoughts ....beautiful work...keep it coming...

Raghu said...

I don't like these modern malls at all. The shops, people etc..everything seems artificial to me. I would any day prefer a stroll through DVG Road or Malleswharam 8th cross instead of these stupid malls!

Srik said...

We the old "Malgudi"(Malleshwaram/Baswanagudi) people must understand and live with the new Maal-goody culture. Thats the only escape :(

mouna said...

yes, commercial street is indeed a fun place to be at. some of my works have a few lines along with it, the others don't carry the literature part of it. i shall add bits of writing, in future.

artificial to some extent, everybody has a plastic smile on his or her face!

smart stuff!! do u really think it is necessary? i think not...