Saturday, January 27, 2007


Spring is here. With all it's festivities. India does not see much of this season. At the same time, this season is lovely.

Spring is when the trees flower, bathing the environment in vibrant hues. Golden yellow, pale pink, orange, red colour flowers, adoring trees. Brightening up the tarred road, with soft petals. Dead leaves on the ground, fallen after a year long stay on trees. Making way for young green leaves.

During spring, the road leading to my house from school used to be decorated with fragile pink flowers. The sanctity of which would be lost, with a single harried touch. Cubbon Park used to glow, with flowers, especially near the Public Library, the Vidhana Soudha ad the High Court. Many photos have been shot, owing their beauty to splendid flowers.

With cuckoos cooing, a suitable background music, for the riot of colours. It's amazing how we can mimic cuckoos, and the result is always favourable. Continuing the exercise of replying to each other, untill, i get tired of the pleasant game. Two or more cuckoos trying to outdo the other, all in the name of mating.

The whispers of dry leaves follow our footsteps.... new leaves adorn barren trees..... planting seedlings in ploughed soil..... celebrating harvest festivals ... the sun making it's presence felt... the weather becoming warm..... the sky- an enchanting blue, with fluffy-cottony clouds floating..... squirrels running past you... sparrows chirp to grab your attention et al, attempt to tell us that spring is here.

Spring is here indeed. I failed to notice it, but the cuckoo informed me this morning.


Shiv said...

Imitating the is pleasant..I used to do it often and it is always fun to hear back..but only thing is we dont know where it is coming from !

I think the bright colored flowers which u r referring to is Golmohar.

Spring is indeed the king of seasons..

mouna said...

i used to wander about with binoculars to spot cuckoos :) gulmohar, i guess bears red flowers, i don't know about the other trees though.

Prashanth M said...

Imitating cuckoos - me too used to do that... still do that whenever I get a chance :)

mouna said...

prashanth, i guess all of us sail in the same boat :)

Srik said...

Very much true :)

Even today I try to see in the voice's direction to find that cuckoo out :-) What a beautiful feeling it is to be woken up by a cuckoo! Ah! I miss so many things!!

manu said...

Its just not about the spring, rather a more subtle message lies in between the lines which says there lots to beautifull things to hear and see front of us, rather the web of delusion front of us cloud us from this beautifull world around us.

mouna said...

come on, try to think of those things which makes u feel happy, which puts a smile on your face :) like manu says. 'missing something' if one really ponders over it, otherwise not, right? :)

absolutely. the 'world of delusion' tries to do it's job, if we are fickle-minded :)

Raghu said...

I love spring! That also reminds me of the Kannada kavithe "Vasantha bandha, RuthugaLa raaja..." :)

mouna said...

spring has some lovely "kavithes' " and music associated with it. i guess that's when the beauty of nature is most admirable.