Monday, December 18, 2006

mtr-going, gone?

In the last week news articles stated that business majors have approached MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms). As far as Saturdays' Praja Vani is concerned, an MNC also, has offered to buy the company.

It's disturbing. I've been visiting the place regularly from the past ten years or so, courtsey father. Father has been an old-timer at MTR, sinec i don't know ehen. He visits the place, every morning, after having strolled in Lalbagh. The waiters there, treat him with a pleasant smile. I, too have spoken to them many a time, after being duly introduced as his daughter.
'Yenamma, raje naa?'........ 'Eega yaava class nalli odtidya?.......' Yen vishaya, sir, ivattina suddi yenu?'.......' Sir, nimage antha sambar ittidini, yeradu cup ide'....'Nimage benne bekaa?'

Thus goes the conversation, an everyday feature. We've been privileged at times, when the tea carries less of sugar, when father recieves butter for the rava idly. I've never seen others' being offered butter, even known faces don't get it! The manager walks upto him, picks up the newspaper, discussing about the day's news.

Namma MTR, was started recently. It churns some of the best grilled sandwiches, souffles' and mousses' that i've tasted. Though i've not paid visits to other branches, the one on Lalbagh Road is awesome. Was i shocked, when i read articles, stating that MTR's had huge offers for the brand it has become. It's disheartening to even sight upon such an article, for somebody who has seen the brand rise through many years. A company which caters to the Indian diaspora, have state-of-the-art technology (with help from the DRDO), comes up with a new product, every year. And most importantly, these products are in huge demand. I wouldn't want to eat bisi bele bath, without the addition of MTR's bisi bele bath powder.

My sister said, 'Please, request them not to be allowed to be bought!! We survive on it's products!!' The next time, i pay a visit to this place, i will definately request them.

The CEO mentioned, that since the brand's doing so well, he obviously would not want to sell it. I have my fingers crossed!


December Stud said...


one more wicket down....few more overs and we are all out !!!

muskaan said...

hmmm I am with u mouna ....i have my fingers crossed as well :-)

Srik said...

I prefer them to close it down than selling it to some so called MNC. As DS said we might all get out if this happens...

There are Mc Donalds, and we can proudly show them our MTR now, but in future...?? I donn support this kind of achievement.

I totally agree to your post.

The 'Ekaangi' said...

McCormick...the company...thats likely to collaborate with MTR is itself a popular food product company...just like how MTR is a well known name in every house here

I'm not sure if MTR is being bought...or its just a collaboration...but what's saddening is tht slowly, all of Bengalooru's left history is vanishing...MTR probably would end up becoming McTR which is really sad...a growth of a city should not be at the cost of destroying its historical culture...this is exactly whats happenin in bangalore

mouna said...

capitalism ya, but i think mtr will remain as it is, the spirit and the rigor with which it functions makes me think so. i hope that, this doesn't become alien!

thank you. wish many would hope alike!

yes, i'd rather prefer them closing down than an MNC buying them. an achievement that has resulted fruitfully after quite some time. all the hard work'll go down the drain if it happens.

tell me it's a rumour! even collaborating will anglise it. the culture of it, and largely that of b'lore will be lost.

mouna said...
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Prashanth M said...

Me too prefer them closing down than selling to other company...

But its out in the newspapers -- here is one in TOI!

reborn said...

I dont think that they are selling the company ... I ve never visited there ..planning to visit soon ...i ve survived on their food before ..(packed ones..ready to eat ...)

mouna said...

so the news has indeed appeared in all the dailies! thanks for the link.

aha! a glint of hope, somewhere.
btw thanks for visiting my pages :)

sureshg said...

Nice name and good blog.

Jsut for your Information MTR is selling only Fast food division of MTR. which means you still get to eat everything as it is.

I am invovled in this deal tracking as I work as investment banker.


mouna said...

thank you, i do agree that i get to eat everything. the aim of this post is that ingenious effort goes waste, if i were not specific in my post.

Arun Padaki said...

The West has been eyeing the Indian market in all aspects. It is only a matter of time they start taking over the corner LV/SLV/LJ/xyz Janardhana Iyengar or Krishna Bakeries too. And one day, they might even want to do arrack business...who knows???

Talking about ingenious effort, Amul and to some extent our very own Nandini brands are success stories. Like MTR, the product innovation and use of technology in these two entities has been simply superb.

Let us hope that MTR really stays Namma MTR...

Vijay said...

Suresh is correct.. the deal is for MTR foods only... MTR the restaurant is and will still be around... the two have been separate entities for a while

mouna said...

arrack business.. :)

as u said, amul, and our very own nandini is very successful in this aspect. the innovation with which the companies have come up is praise-worthy. i got an oppurtunity to visit the nandini plant, and it is simply fantastic. all the enormity will go phut, when merged with an MNC!

yes, the two have been different entities for almost ten years now, god bless, if the restaurant is not brought by somebody, but the ingenuity, those hard-beginnings will hmmm, i cannot choose an apt word, not be remembered by all. i don't think that i've put my point clearly...

Shiv said...


I always thought MTR is not just a food joint or a fast food chain.Its something has become a part of our lives so much..

The feeling of eating the ready-to-eat homely bisibelebath/sambar rice/pongal during those tiring treks is heaven like.The thought that it is brand which grew from our own soil makes it still tastier.

How can we forget the those puliyogore-jamoon and numerous other mixes in which people like us survive on.

Its not that the products will vanish.But our concern is namma brand will get lost in the big bad world.

I wish one day will come when brands like MTR will start buying those MNCs..

mouna said...

oho, wishful thinking! i guess they do understand the impact it has caused, the enormity of it. god bless!