Sunday, December 17, 2006

mouth marketing!

A friend has started a new web-site. It is said to be a portal, exclusively hosting kannada greeting cards. It does have a variety catering to almost all occasions. Something that we could look forward to, while grasping at the thin-strands which hold the kannada culture. And moreover i was asked to mouth-market it. So, i here i am, Mouna, mouth-marketing it. I guess i'm slated to do job!!

chitter-chitter! Hope you all enjoy it. Here's the url:


Sling said...

..just surfing the blogosphere,wishing people a merry Christmas..:)

The 'Ekaangi' said...

now thats a great idea...i'll do some marketing for it as well

December Stud said...

Your friend, huh ? Already saw a lot of emails about this site. tell him/her that he/she is very good in Marketing :)

Prashanth M said...

Came to know about this couple of weeks back... great effort by them...

And thanks for the visit on my photo blog.. was wondering how you stumbled upon it!!

mouna said...

thanks a lot!

ya, i shall duly convey the message to him! :)

your photoes left me in awe, and thanks for the visit!

muskaan said...

kannada greeting website ge english nalli mouth marketingaaaa .... :-( I am staying mounaaa :-|

Anonymous said...

Thats really a wonderful idea. And requires a BAI PRACHARA(mouth marketting) just as u did. Will send to my friends as well.


mouna said...

dear, i am sorry! :) :)

thanks for the support!

shakri said...

Thank you for doing this. I truly appreciate it Mouna.


Ravi said...


Thanks my friend for mouth-marketing our site. It's the encouragement and support from friends like you has made this site a BIG HIT among kannadigas. I get lor of visitors from your Blog.



mouna said...

shakri and arun,
all the best, again!! wish u success in all your endeavors.