Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Learning biology is fun. Mrs. Sayeeda introduced us to the subject. Though the introduction was very mundane. Mrs. Bhadran picked up, from the latter in Std 9.

I've had biology as my subject for more than six years or so. My perception of the subject has chaneged, but the affection remains the same. Botany was ever liked by me, i guess, but Zoology is interesting. More so, because it concerns you and me, alike. Laughing, talking, staring at Sabella, the staff downloading colour pictures, from the computer at the Department, attending Zoology classes, drawing histo diagrams during classes, discussing about the day's news....

One of the things that i've always enjoyed about Zoology, is the jokes, that we crack at it's expense.

Di- A Taxonomist.

Di, S, and me were walking to the bustop. We'd just finished an exam on Zoology, and Di was frustrated with it. We had Ecology as a paper, and Ecology can get on one's nerves. She was talking about her way of writing answers.

A gist:

Di : 'If i were the mother of ecology, i'd put all the green plants under one family.

It's obviously scandalous to do so. I kept quiet.

Di continued, 'Animals with four legs will belong to one family, and those with two legs comprise another.'

Me: What???

S: Which are the animals which come the two-legged category.

Di: Monkey.....

Me: S, don't we walk on two legs???

Di and S, turn towards me, treating me with new-found realisation.

There. We laughed at Di's innovativeness, and conveniently switched to something else.


December Stud said...

Very nice piece to read !!!

Srik said...

Really enjoyed :-)

So, looks like you are very serious and studious!! Im giving you all the good adjectives ;)

The 'Ekaangi' said...

I remember I too had weird ideas when I was in B.Sc ... it felt like all those scientists were so wrong ... and given a chance ... i would have changed everything ... it seems all funny now ... anyway a good write-up

mouna said...

thank you.

oohh, nice adjectives indeed :)

weird ideas, everyday, everytime!!

Prashanth M said...

One subject which I hated and still hate is - biology. Donno how I cleared that subject during my +2 (there was no CS or electronics in our college - so only option was PCMB)