Friday, December 01, 2006

Exams are around the corner, and i'm already making plans for holidays. We hardly get any time after exams. If you'd term three four days, as vacation.They last for almost a month, with loads of time inbetween. I don't know, how to regard that. It's frustrating at times, at the same time, it's ok, not bad.

So, trying to forget exams for some time, i called my friends, with new-found enthusisiasm. Perhaps, they were surprised. Anyways, they know me as this weird lady, so probably they weren't. Not being receptive to my ideas, is an understatement. Of course, they had other things chalked out. Why does it always happen so?

Untoward events have to pass by when i come up with brilliant ideas. Ideas which sound good and practical. While i'm still justifying the obvious failure of my plan, a friend messages me by saying, 'Mo, have your plans failed? he he he' This is the exact replica of the message. Why does this happen to me alone. When they schedule things, it works out without a hitch. Thus, i've promised myself to make good of this vacation.

I hope to visit someplace, for i wish to go out of Bangalore atleast, for a day or two. I've plans to catch up with my reading, it's been years since i've read Ruskin Bond. Painting is on the list too, my water colours need to be used, probably shall try out oil colours too. MS-Paint is an obvious choice. Thinking in a postive way, trying to cheer myself.

Hmmm, i'm still thinking, what else can be done?


December Stud said...

Hmmm...intersting thouhgt to ponder over. Your friends must hate you because you are so smart :)

OK, I am kidding....ummmm...maybe not....Well, I am confused.

The 'Ekaangi' said...

I've decided i'll spend the rest of december with cousins at my dad's village...playin village games...visitin temples and lakes there...goin to the fields...drinkin coconut water...watchin the trains come and go (coz my doddappa is the station master there)...walk around on a moon-lit night...and sit outside and tell each other horror stories...doesn't all this make ya jealous ? I'm sure it does

mouna said...

i too am confused, don't know what to do, if you please, can you suggest something? me being smart, and anybody hating me for that, don't know...

the joy that i obtain on reading a book is simply incomparable, u think that your plan makes me jealous, u are correct, BUT, to a very minute extent :) anyways i can't do anthing with 3-4 days in hand.

Raghu said...

Hope you have a lazy, enjoyable holiday!

Btw..Ruskin Bond is awesome. His latest(?) one "Roads to Mussorie" is said to be fantastic. Here are the concluding lines from the book (courtesy, a friend's blog) which made me put it on my reading list immediately :

The butterfly has gone, and the sunshine beckons. It's been a long hard winter in the hills. But the chestnut trees are coming into new leaf, and that's good enough for me. I have never been a fast walker, or a conqueror of mountain peaks, but I can plod along for miles. And that's what I have been doing all my life - plodding along, singing my song, telling my tales in my own unhurried way. I have lived life at my own gentle pace, and if as a result I have failed to get to the top of the mountain (or of anything else), it doesn't matter, the long walk has brought its own sweet rewards; buttercups and butterflies along the way.

muskaan said...

//can't do anthing with 3-4 days in hand

hmmmm just wondering if you got a hand on "It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life" by Willie Jolley.

If not, reading that could be 1 of my suggestions :-)

December Stud said...

Reading one of the NEVER stayed in a village...SAD, I know.

mouna said...

exams are to finish, then i really can enjoy my hols! btw, thanks for the extract, took me back to the 'bond' world....

thanks, i've never heard of this particular book... anyways, will try to keep your point in mind. :)

i've stayed in villages before, for short span of time, it's fun, aadre namma anthaha nagara jeevigaLige bore aagtade...

Shiv said...


koosu huttoke munche kulaaya na :-)
jst kidding..

So plannin for a get-away..great
That should keep u goin during exam days..

All the best for your exams!
DO well and your holiday is calling u..

mouna said...

yes, i'm waiting for my hols to appear, as u said, the thoughts about the things that i'm to relish during hols, is my strength!