Wednesday, November 01, 2006

celebrating karnataka

Today is Kannada Rajyotsava. Karnataka celebrates her birth on this day, each year. This, year is the fiftieth year, since Karnataka's birth, thus the grandeur and valour.

Karntaka has it's share of benefits and disgraces. Being a kannadiga myself, i'm expected to show love, affection and loyalty to my state. There were a few times when i questioned the above. The same held true with the institutions which have imparted kowledge ad wisdom.

On second thoughts, my state, the institutions which i've been a part of, has added bits to my personality, to my existance. So, it is natural that i start to respect it, not only with admiration, but also with a sense of gratitude.

Patriotism is a complicated word. In simple language it means ' a feeling of love to one's own country'. But the actual message behind this, is the thing that makes it sound complicated. How can one explain the sensation that courses through the body, when the anthem is played?

It's time that i rever, celebrate, that, which provides for my being, that which gives me an identity.


Gangadhar said...

so rightly said about patriatism..liked it verymuch..

mouna said...

i regret for not having realised this earlier

thanks for visiting, hope u visit my pages again .

December Stud said...

Very well written. I am so proud of my language, state, caste, nation, race everything. Everyone needs to be proud of whoever they are. That's equality right there.

You have expressed your feelings very nicely....