Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A particular scene, in a to-be-considered hit movie, has hit me pretty hard.

Don, is a movie, which has been hyped, a little too much, The movie definately does not call for that. What is dissapointing, is the fact that news channels have also joined, in the foray of showing clippings of to-be-released movies. I do agree that movies are news, and more-over, who's stared with whom, and such crap is bigger news. But it does not call for extra time alloted for such paltry material.

Back, to the subject, it is the song where the Kapoor kid, dances with Khan. It starts with Kapoor tearing off her overcoat. Initially, i was shocked to see her fully-clothed. So, her act shouldn't have surprised me. But it is disheartening to add, that she rips off her coat in a hurry, to woo Khan. To top it all, this bit is used by some company to sell their products for which, Kapoor is the ambassador.

Does one have to perform such an act, to be considered sexy, or hot for that matter. Nandita Das looks both. Who told that half-clad women look gorgeous, on second thoughts hot ?

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