Sunday, October 22, 2006

Deepavali has always been interesting. Four families used to celebrate together, after the neighbours were sound asleep. Amidst laughter, photographs were taken to preserve those precious moments. Moments which give immense pleasure.

Presently, we are two families in the same house, with some members missing. Every year, it has been somebody's turn to leave the house, in search of companionship.

At home, earthern lamps are lit through-out the length of the verandah, for two days. Mother always finds it difficult, washing oil stains. The event, of seeing sparkling light, on the ground, in mid-air is simply wonderful.

Electrically-lit lamps are common-place now.But, they cannot replace the warmth of earthern lamps, when lit.


shakri said...

A genuine emotion. I tried to capture something similar with my representation of Diwali at

Have a great week ahead.

mouna said...

thank you, shakri for visiting.