Sunday, September 03, 2006

'' Now I understand, the crores of villagers are not fools. In their blood flows the wisdom of Vyasa and Valmiki. They do not care for history. They understand the meaning of life through myths only. They do not need to study the scriptures and books-history, geography, economics,psychology, or physics and chemistry-to understand the manipulated mysteries of reality. We call mythology crap, yet we treat newspapers as the Vedas and Upanishads. W live a small insignificant life, cut off totally from the consciousness of eternity. And we are dissatisfied because of the narrow political and economic reality in which we operate. We never reach for the eternal Duryodhanas', Yudhishthiras', Ramas' and Ravanas' in our daily newspapers and we never find them. We never discover the truth about the Rama-Ravana and the Kuru-Pandava wars in the progression of our daily happenings. So much so that we are near impartial. And caught in the whirlpool of our lives, we shout about our frustrations and condemn all. ''

Beware, Beware: Mother India is Awake

-Mohapatra Nilamani Sahu

The above excerpt throws light on so many issues........ ranging from... their lifestyle... their mundane lives... through which they acquire knowledge.

Is knowledge available in the form of.... books...... scripted material..... media... Cannot it be acquired through simple lessons learned.... through experience.... Experience of any sort...... be it related to any field. I would definately not go towards a fire if i've had a pervious event wheren... my skin got charred..... and a new term is born..... Is it neccessary that we define everything......

A farmer knows better....... about the kind of the soil... required for planting a particular crop..... is it because it is inborn?

Mohapatra talks about the modern Dhuryodhana'.... Ramas'....... and the easiness with which we ignore those characters' who make an indelible image in our present lives.

Realisation has hit me. From the last few weeks i've been thinking about our practises, our customs as we call it. A cousin said that we've got a strong base in traditions. Is it true?

The first arguement....are our religious practises..... do we really need to celebrate all those festivals... those innumerable festivals. Do we really act civilised but not for religious constraints. The concept of sinning... and comitting sins...... and the punishment metted by God.... is simply a way of curbing our evil behaviour.....

Secondly, the practise of searching for life-partners.... in a particular community..... sounds bad. Afterall do we not belong to a single species.... all the features are the same. Apart from the biological angle..... each one of us is so different..... with different habits with respect to... food... dressing sense.... the way by which we are brought up.... the list is endless. Thus, various societies were created... to enable grouping......those with similar interests. It will be tough for a hindu to adjust to a Christian. Why? what about the differences found amongst the hindus' itself..... with each belonging to different substate(Is there another way to put this?)

I would like to contradict the above arguement... we have the capabilty to adapt.... to a new environment.... do we have to restrict ourselves... to a stagnant pool.... where emotions run high.... giving religion a chance to rule our lives.

I hope i've been successful in expressing my thoughts.

Has realisation hit me?


VENU VINOD said...

knowledge is everywhere, be it a scientist, or a farmer...
But, take religious believes and tradition, most of those who live a metro life, invariably are not so informed ones. There a poor villager knows much more than a learned town living person.

mouna said...

leading metro lives.... fast lives where everything is lost... u said it right.... a poor farmer is knowledgeable than an urban dweller... but this has to be channeled through fruitful ways..... the channeling part is missing....