Saturday, September 02, 2006

a fresh beginning

The past week has been pretty eventful. No, i'm not talking about college and it's activities... though carpe diem(i hope i got the spelling correct) happened.... which is the yearly BBM fest that happens at college. Stalls were put up.... on the other hand..... we had no time to visit them...... who said that third year at college was eventful. We never get time... to have fun at all.

One thing that made me really happy was this:

Before i could go on... Pooja needs introduction. She has been learning Sugama Sangeetha at the BVB.... i guess from the past four years.... Sugama Sangeetha is adjacent to my class... thus i met her, through my sister. She has started a library meant for kids..... where the kids get to play outdoor games for an hour or so.... then read storybooks. Kids come within the age group.... eight to thirteen. This is when the mind and the senses.... grow.

Why can some people do so much good..... for children..... while.... the statement.... today's children are tomorrow's citizens'. I agree that this is a very small initiative... but this play-group. as i would like to is a few weeks old... and it has already enrolled twenty-five and odd children.

Children are also encouraged to get storybooks from home.... because of the varying age group.... it also proves to be a place of exchange of knowledge.... blending of people..... and most of all.... personalities.... can be sculpted. Childhood is the ripe period to learn anything.... the main advantage being that it lasts throughout one's lifetime.

Childhood is that time which haunts the mind.... providing us the relief.... the joy..... the happy thoughts which never fade away.

Essentially.... this kind of happiness does not reach gen-x's kids. Youngsters.... today seek.... entertainment through tvs... computers..... or even mobile phones for that matter. Gone are the days... when outdoor games where aplenty.... neighbours were treated like family....

Why does this happen? Why do the age-old habits die down.... with incoming technology where one is looked down upon if one isn't a techie....

Is there a silver lining somewhere?


shakri said...

Readers of books are a dying breed but reading itself is not. I am from a generation (and I am surprised I actually used that expression) that grew up using books as the only source of knowledge. If there is only one thing that is constant then it is change, as they say. That said, incoming technology need not necessarily stop anyone from reading books or losing that innocent child that still lives in all of us and who is still amazed at the simplest things. I guess the real issue with the Gen-X is that they have gotten their priorities mixed up. They too, like everyone else, are the same innocent breed of infants who love everything we did. But unfortunately there are so many distractions in today’s world that it is easy to lose innocence. Age is just a number. It has nothing to do with our personal choices. The silver lining you are looking for is called ‘choice’. If you choose right, you use right.

mouna said...


thanks for those words, but on the contrary, people like to spend time, doing anything but reading, my own friends, would rather watch t.v., roam the city, than read something.

as u said, i guess we come from a background, where 'book' is just another word for knowledge, but i've realised otherwise recently.

choice, made by kids, is influenced by the likes of parents.. or is it time that parents think in this regard?