Saturday, August 19, 2006

I've been known for speaking quickly and incoherently. Other people have to really adjust to my speech for sometime before getting the hang of understanding my talk, be it English or Kannada. People say that i have lisp.....i guess it is a kind of speech disorder (i did a google search...but did not obtain a meaningful explanation...or rather it was too the mission ends there).

This week was pretty eventful.....because i did find people whose speech is worse than mine....not that my speech is bad...but i simply could not find another word. neice.....obviously she is just a year and a half old....but still it is pleasant to hear babbling from somebody else........occasionally.

Two....we had a visitor at home.... supposedly my uncle's friend. I believe that the former chatted more with my father, than with my uncle. A power cut occured....... i ended up wandering in the house, doing nothing. This guy comes in....and starts talking in took quite some time for me to realise that. I was previously told about the same person......but seeing is believing.
To my chagrin... mother compared me with him.....'m better than him.....atleast those who are a part of my everyday life can decipher my talk. (Truthfully, Shamsiya pretends not to understand my speech....which helps her and my friends at college in pulling my leg.)


Suhas said...

ppl talkin good kannada has become such a rare sight that if u ever happen to come across such a person...u feel so good !! kannadadha durantha idhu

Anonymous said...

great post thanks