Friday, July 07, 2006

Bull's Eye

Getting one thing that has to happen to me, atleast once in a day. On some days the frequency reaches a high of five times within twenty-four hours.

Travelling in Bangalore by buses....has reminded me of the fragility of the body. Trying to maneuver my legs to climb the stairs of a local bus....with a hand in a pocket......landed me in a pain. How i wished i was careful. My shin received a big black scratch. In hurt like is present even now....after three whole weeks.

Many a time have i banged myself against something.......not realising anything. The bang......comes back with a swollen area.

'When will i learn how to walk straight?' voiced by dear mundane stuff.


Shiv said...

Unless you bang yourself and fall, you will never know the importance of band-aids !!

Is it that you do a 'blind-fold' act while walking :))

hey kidding..

mouna said... of my lecturers at coll says that untill a part of u'r body is swollen and would never know of an infection or true alva??

abt the 'blind fold' act irabeku....there is a small scratch atleast....and only when the above thing is true will i realise that yeno aagide antha.....right now...a superb's succeeding for 4 days now..allaDakke agolla yenilla!!!

Shiv said...

so howz the sprain it okay?
mostly neevu hodhaa janmadalli 'vaayu' barriers,no walls,no doors,no windows & no scrathes !