Monday, August 07, 2017

I left Delhi and moved back to Bangalore recently. Yes, I miss Delhi, but in my mind, Delhi was not a permanent thing for me.

I miss the strolls I had on Janpath on weekend afternoons. I miss the solo trips I had within Delhi on weekends. I miss the green environs of the National Arts and Crafts Museum. I miss speaking in somewhat better-than-broken Hindi and miss kadi pakoda. When I was in Delhi, I used to move between languages, and sometimes, used vocabulary of Hindi when I was conversing with my folks in Kannada. Used a few Kannada words at office regularly as well.

Guess all this is a part of the deal.

Try to read fiction at times. But my interest in current affairs does not provide me with much time to read fiction. And yes, have started reading in Kannada. Tried reading fiction, but could not go far one, as I read the Kannada script really slowly, and two couldn't keep a continuous interest in reading fiction. I try reading kannada newspapers, instead, where I know I will finish a piece in a given period of time.

That part, I feel the need to write again. Let's see how far I go.

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