Friday, December 25, 2015

Maybe this is the last post for this year. I have been wanting to say something here for the past few days, but today, I guess is a day. Random thoughts.

Its been four years since S passed on. There are times when I remember him multiple times in a day, guess that's how the mind works. There are times when I am so much into my routine, that I don't remember him at all. I guess, that's how its going to be. Maybe my thoughts on him will get less frequent, as I interact with other people. Guess, that's how things are in our lives.

Saw Lakshmi today. Its a movie on women trafficking and prostitution. The story is, maybe repeated a few times, but some scenes are very good, those might be dramatic which go to a further extent. The movie also has songs, which frankly were not necessary in the plot. That said, my judgement of movies is not exactly good, so, on seeing it, you might find it dramatic.

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