Saturday, February 01, 2014

An aunt told me that i wouldn't like Old Delhi at all. And that i wouldn't step in there even with my feet fully protected in shoes.

But it's not all that bad. I go to Chikpete, Nagarathpete and Raja Market often when in Bengaluru. The surroundings there is not much different than Chandni Chowk. Narrow gullies, small shops with their merchandise pouring into the roads/paths, jostling, people bargaining, colour riots everywhere (i tend to think that we see more bright and neon shades of colours in North India than i would see in the South). I saw more of food on carts, holes-in-a wall, make-shift structures that i would see in Chikpete. And yes, more jewellery that is typical in the North which also is making roads into the southern urban spaces as well.

No, i didn't buy anything from there. Now that i think of it i should have bought something. It's far from the place where i stay, and i have to again make a trip to buy.

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