Sunday, October 20, 2013

I am talking about vegetarian - non vegetarian food again here. Well i have read something on artificial insemination, treating animals with hormones etc. Yes, that is sad, that meek and mute animals are treated the way they are just so that somebody can enjoy eating meat. To see pigs, cows being slaughtered for this purpose is gory. Cries of agony, the splatter of blood, legs and wings wriggling after beheading an animal is painful to see and hear.

That said, plants aren't treated any better. They are cultivated in farmlands, treated with pesticides, the plants are killed once they bear grains, vegetables, the likes. It is no less excruciating for a plant to undergo all of this for our consumption. Animals express their agony while plants don't. We all kill living beings of different kinds for our purpose. That said, we have a human side, and we do respond to it. Maybe we can eat less of meat since we are humane and we sense the pain when an animal bawls in anguish. But, does that make us more benevolent or more merciful?

I doubt.