Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's been a little over five years since i started blogging here. Whenever i used to see others write that they have been blogging for some years, i used to picture myself in their shoes. Not that it is something very significant, but i created such images in my mind regularly.

When i read the posts that i have done, from the beginning, i'm surprised with the content that i have exhibited. Whatever made me write them, including the comments. Perhaps, a little childish, if i could say. Obviously that was then, and this is now. Five years is some period of time where attitudes change, perspectives change, thoughts are different, their levels are different. At least this is what i assume it to be. And, now, I know that i simply can't write in the same fashion that i used to.

I really hope that my recent posts don't sound preachy. The forthcoming ones too. And hope you stick around here for some more time.

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