Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After hearing positive reviews on Puttakkana Highway, we trooped to the theatre to watch it.

The music is amazing. Hamsalekha has done a really done a good job on that. In fact, i would consider it the best aspect of the movie. The protagonist, Puttakka played by Shruthi lacks expressions. In fact Veena Sundar who plays her friend in the film expresses herself quite well, even though her character is a small one.

After having seen Do Bigha Zameen and this film, i so wish that everybody is educated to an extent where they can read, write and know things, lest they be cheated by greedy people. On seeing such films, one feels miserable. They are taken advantage of so easily.

Do see such films, for leading a life in the city is not the end of it all.

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