Monday, April 04, 2011

I was reading the last few chapters of The Kite Runner. Where a person expresses pride over Amir's mission to rescue Sohrab from Afghanistan, and calls him a true Afghani.

The reason behind my mentioning this is, that i think we share beliefs, values. Though the manner of expression might be different, it boils down to this. Yes, maybe we differ on various aspects, like a tribe in the hills might allow a man to marry two women or vice versa. But is rooted to simple aspects of life, both good and bad, a few deviations do appear.

Perhaps, if a situation similar to the one in the novel were to appear before us, a person in Amir's shoes would be called a true Kannadiga. Wouldn't it be so?

After all which culture in the world would ask to kill one's sister of brother for fun, or something like that?

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