Thursday, March 10, 2011

When mother was away, father and i used to eat out every Tuesdays and Fridays, after art class. I would be tired at the end of the day. Having to cook, eat, clean after about eight in the night was not very pleasing. And i had to prepare food for the next day. I so wish we had bought our refrigerator then, my job would have been simpler.

So, Tuesdays was doses at Vidhyarthi Bhavan, and Fridays used to be the Kamat at Minerva Circle or at times, Jayanagar. And our stomachs remained stable even after all that eating out (i had doubts on that). That was our routine, and after some time, i didn't favour the doses at Vidhyarthi Bhavan much. The chutney that they serve, i don't fancy it.

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