Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When one observes the weather in India, we don't get to see all the seasons so mentioned in textbooks unfurling before us. We don't see the autumn, as i guess, only colder regions do experience this season.

Apart from the irregularization (if such a word does exist) of the season due to global warming and all that, i don't like the transition of seasons. From the monsoon to the winter, and the winter to the spring. That's when the nights are cold and the days are hot. And that's when my throat turns extra sensitive and allergic. Which does not subside quite easily. I can pretty easily predict my health chart for a year this way.

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bachodi said...

Seasons for Europe who wrote our text books !
For e.g. the place I grew up, six months mansoon and six months of summer! I dint know what are the seasons text books were talking about.