Thursday, December 23, 2010

There were a couple of beautiful views that i so wanted to capture if i had a camera in my mobile.

As i walked towards the bus-stop, the view of Hudson Circle from Banappa Park, including the 'Kempegowda' Tower, and the towers of UB City was awesome.

The Hebbal Lake was densely coverd with mist, the water surface was not visible at all. And from there to the inside of the University of Agricultural Sciences, the visibility range extended to a few metres. Period.

And in such cases, it's quite permissible to express the beauty of one's surrounding to a stranger, like i did (a fool?). And having felt annoyed and silly with the other person for not responding at all. Does it take a lot for one to, even, smile?!

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Anonymous said...

Some people are impervious to Nature's beauty and bounty.
It is their loss.