Monday, December 27, 2010

On seeing the film 3 Idiots after everyone on earth had seen it (quite seriously, i was made to assume that i was the last one to watch it and hence lousy), i did not feel exuberant or whatever i was supposed to feel at the end of the film. I understand that it fetched heaps of praises. But i wasn't impressed to a great extent.

And since then, i've a grouse against Aamir Khan. Why does he project himself as Mr. Do-Good-And-Brave in most of his films? When one observes his films from the last couple of years, this projection of himself has been going stronger, and i'm tired of it. As a result, he is raised to a position almost next to God (this is slightly exaggerated, but you do get the point). Perhaps, that's one reason why i wasn't blown away by the movie so mentioned at the beginning of this post. By the way, does he look like a teen in 3 idiots? Aren't students in their teens when they start their undergraduate courses?

When will he stop showcasing himself??


Srik said...

I'm too of that opinion on Aamir the great!

But for the movie 3-Idiots, I am all biased for it, though :)

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the film.
Most film stars think they are God's gift to humanity.