Sunday, December 05, 2010

Most non-Bangaloreans with whom i talk to speak of coming to Bengaluru for the kind of opportunities that are available here. This is understood isn't it? When crowds from distant parts of the country arrive here, why not people from different regions of the state?

If only some other town in Karnataka were to be stressed upon and developed as much as Benagluru, perhaps we wouldn't have faced the growing population in the city. Development in terms of infrastructure, education, employment etc. I heard that Mangaluru is quite a big city. But if one could stress on the growth of Hubli, Dharwad or a town in northern Karnataka, then i think things would have been slightly better.

I don't know how true this is, but i tend to feel that in other states, cities apart from the state capital have grown; if not to the extent of the capital. But the fact that they have grown does not put that extra amount of burden on one major city.


Anonymous said...

These were my thoughts too...on a recent visit to bengaluru.

The city looks ready to burst.
Wish cities like Mysuru, Hubli were developed too.

Srik said...


When a state like Tamilnadu can have multiple places like Salem or Coimbatore developed as parallel to Chennai, why not Karnataka?