Sunday, November 28, 2010

When i first read Anne Frank, i enjoyed it as a story. I want to read it again and marvel at the boldness and clarity in her writing.

On reading 'The City of Joy', i cried on mother's shoulders; on realising that there are a million things apart from my home. Mother was totally taken aback, and soothed me down. I don't think i'll forget that incident.

The first thought that struck me when i entered the city of Kolkotha was that of abject poverty. I don't know the condition of the city now.


Ms.Hegde said...

When i first read Ann Frank i was in high school so the story had faded from my memory. But when i recently re- read it her narration seemed commandable.

The poverty in The city of joy is unbeleivable but true at the same time.

By the way, thanks for recommending the book To kill a mocking bird. I liked it and somehow the narration in the book seemed very much similar to me as that of Ann Frank's. May be it's the boldness plus the innocence i do not know.

mouna said...

'To kill a mockingbird' talks of life's principles in a straight manner. I think it teaches a lot.