Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well, i have been thinking of this incident which occurred a year ago. If it's okay on my part to write about it or not. Perhaps, that was the first time when i felt the effect of a death on one's house. I do know that the people connected to it will never glance here. Nevertheless, i didn't want a solemn affair to go public. Now that some time has passed, i'll put it across.

I don't remember the exact date when the death occurred. But i recollect the passage of events like it happened yesterday. A neighbourhood lad in his twenties had died in a freak accident we learnt. Shock hit us from the blue, while we witnessed his folks mourning his loss. Sad and distressing. I have lost my grandparents, but the surge of emotions that i went through at that point of time was quite surprising. What a tragic end to the bubbling enthusiasm, to the youthful fun-loving adolescence. A single moment in time, and anything can take place.

Somebody's existence can effect us in weird ways. I immediately contacted my friends and requested them to be very careful while driving. Maybe childishness drove me to do what i did. One appreciated my call and the other found my mail very funny.

The fragility of human life.

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