Thursday, October 14, 2010

After having watched a little of the closing ceremony of the Delhi Commonwealth 2010(which was a mish-mash of hindi songs), i wondered as to why Commonwealth Games is being organized even to this day.

There is little in common between the nations part of the Commonwealth except the fact that they were ruled by the British Empire years ago. Is this a bonding factor? Not in my view. Other than a sporting event which occurs once in four years, nothing else links these countries. Each is on it's own track, with very little of the colonial rule shadowing it's future or even it's present for that matter.

Considering this, what is the point in celebrating the Commonwealth? I don't know.

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praneshachar said...

This shows that these countries are still want to be queens control at least in CWG. its mockery of democracy and freedom. I fully agree no necessity of CWG