Saturday, September 11, 2010

I glanced at today's newspaper paper to find that this year's edition of IPL had already started. When looking at the teams that are to participate in the sporting (cricketing) event, i was quite surprised to see participants from outside India. And only a few Indian teams from the past years have been retained. Maybe its because of the IPL scam. I don't know the actual reason.

I assume the IPL has lost it's zing. Don't you think? Or IPL hype and propaganda would have enveloped us by now.


praneshachar said...

madam its not IPL its champions trophy where the first 3 IPL winners of last year are there like that from all countries so its not IPL but its twenty twenty format
IPL scams will be there but no one will leave it every one wants to have their share its like that

mouna said...

pranesh sir,
thanks for the correction. this is an indicator of my ignorance towards cricket.