Friday, August 20, 2010

Today being Lakshmi Habba, we were to celebrate it. But we didn't for other reasons.

The one thing that flashes to my mind when one talks about this particular festival is the rendition of Purandara Dasa's verse on the Goddess by the maestro Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. A song from the Kannada film Nodi Swami Naavu Irodhu Heege. Chandana (the Kannada wing of Doordharshan) used to telecast that song as part of an evening programme. I would wait for them to play this song every Lakshmi Puje.



Shiv said...

The song was picturised on Ananth Nag, Shankar Nag & Laxmi.

Bhimsen Joshi's voice was divine !

Ms.Hegde said...

It's the song 'Bhagyada laxmi baramma'.Right?
I just love that song and Bhimsen Joshi's voice fits Ananth Nag so well in that.

Shiv said...

Yes ! The song is 'Bhagyada laxmi baramma'