Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mother when glancing at my table, my cupboard and my room, she sighs at the untidiness. Her usual dialogue is this 'Mouna, you are a post-graduate and you still can't keep things tidy.' Of course i'm so used to her saying this, i simply shrug.

Then i go through the process of explaining the theory of entropy: Newton's Third Law. I say to her, all of nature is present in a state of maximum disorderliness, and a prime example is the state of my things, and they are just abiding a physical law.

A new level of lame excuses or clever thinking (as you wish to put it).


bachodi said...

and what responses for newton's laws ?

mouna said...

the response is a you-will-never-improve-and-you-talk-rubbish stare. she does not buy it.