Friday, July 09, 2010

It seemed like the Monsoon in Bengaluru after a gap of about two weeks. It was drizzling in the morning steadily for over an hour. And come midday, the sun shone brightly. There's not enough sunlight for things to dry when left outside, the nights are cool, the seemingly blood-red sky at night looks laden and is ready to burst. Typical symptoms of the monsoon's presence.

One thing that can be very much observed almost everywhere during this season are the umbrellas. Made of synthetic cloth, capable of shielding droplets of rain from one's person, they come in a variety of colours and sizes. I remember a bright yellow umbrella with prints of cartoons on it. This served me during school.

I guess, even to this day, the black umbrellas are omnipresent. We had a long black one which also could be used as a walking stick. With a pointed end. This kind was common a few decades ago, wasn't it? We possessed one of this sort as well. But, i haven't seen it for many years now. These days, colorful ones are plenty and compact too.

Maybe, the black umbrellas will eventually disappear, one fine day.

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