Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I don't know why Punjabi Music/Bhangra beats are so famous today. Not that i don't fancy them, i appreciate some songs of this type. And everybody seems to be mouthing Punjabi words in songs these days. Or are we made to believe that it is Punjabi? Like we know what Punjabi actually sounds like.

They created a style a decade or so ago (?). A new era of music was introduced which has got modified and has stayed on for quite a long time. Every song which falls under this category has loud voices and music, with the beat of drums dominating in the back/foreground (as you wish to put it). They all sound similar with common words used especially for a girl, boy, drums. Of course, with limited knowledge of a language, this trend cannot take a new turn unexpectedly.

Even when a new 'thing' is added, a plethora of songs are bound to follow which copy it.

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