Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When we were small, my grandma and later my mother cleaned wheat, rice; spread on the floor. Picking up small stones, husk and creating tidy piles of cleaned grains. As young children we were asked not to move around, as the grains would collect dust, and more importantly, we would scatter them with our act of running. With the television set on, they would go on for long periods of time, accommodating a change in their position now and then to avoid a stiff back.

We used to pop in raw grains munching on them until we were warned of stomach aches. After chewing on wheat for some time, we would be surprised to find gum inside our mouths. I think we were told these were healthier than the gum that is sold. Of course, we didn't believe that.

These days, nobody cleans grains anymore in our house.

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Anonymous said...

I have exact same story ... I even recall the different kind of weed seeds in wheat and paddy. I went through all these you have written except for TV. we dint have TV in our village when I was a kid.