Thursday, May 06, 2010

novels by Sudha Murty

I read reviews on books(read novels) by Sudha Murty. Good ones at that. So the next time i went to the library, i picked her books. And after having read three books; Mahashwetha, Dollar Bahu and Gently Falls the Bakula, i don't think i would want to read another.

The three stories are familiar, women-centric of course, except that the protagonist is put through difficulties of different kinds. An unkind mother-in-law, an arrogant sis-in-later and an ignorant husband, they are all common. The jibes passed by the in-laws also are pretty much the same. I know, you and i cannot differ much on the vocabulary we use to rant. Melodramatic, something out of a popular soap. Dollar Bahu tops the list with lots of drama thrown in.

These books, i assume are popular. Perhaps, only because of the larger than life image that the lady carries. I wonder if the original stories (in Kannada) are told in the same manner. The translation is poor.

Try not to spend your time by reading them. They are not worth it.

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