Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Thousand Splendid Suns
Khalid Hosseini

A story told nicely. Honestly, one can get reviews from many places. What i'd like to mention are the factors which made me like his storytelling.

One, he arrives on the perhaps, turning point in the novel and departs from it by talking about the events that take place after the scene. He never actually dwells on the turning point so as to say. I guess this leaves room for the reader to imagine the scene for herself/himself. I think he did the same with 'The Kite Runner', when Amir complains to his father that Hassan stole his watch.

Two, the periods of time which goes untold during the progress of the plot. The time is not continuous. Rohington Mistry also allows time gaps in his novel, though at the fag end of his plot, when unpleasant things occur resulting in-a-not-so-happy ending.

Three, he begins and ends with a single character in mind. The character is thought about by another person after the latter's death. In my opinion that perhaps, brings about a complete circle.

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