Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We now have the IPL Bazaar which appears to be analogous to slave bazaars that existed for thousands of years and is now abolished.

Are we revisiting a lost trade?

The only difference is that the slave trade sold and bought slaves, whereas the IPl sells cricketers and corporates buy them. Doesn't this sound like a damn nexus which rests on the broad base of money so thrown around. The only saving grace, perhaps, is that the mafia does not play a role (?).

I'm hardly a follower of this game. Nevertheless whatever happened to the funda behind terming cricket 'a gentleman's game'?!


Srik said...

Cricket is indeed a gentlemen's game! IPL is a Cricketainment (aka Cricket+bollywood) - It is just a glamorous face of the game. IPL is an example of what cricket can bring in - The money is a part of this entertainment business. Three hours of extreme joy and palpable entertainment thru cricket is that. And the auction of players is very common in any game, even in our gully cricket we have the distribution of players available, sometimes thru auction as well. Only difference here is the money, and somuch for the entertainment available there!

mouna said...

u know i'm not much of a fan of cricket. but really, i guess we've had enough of IPL before it gains more.