Sunday, December 06, 2009

Practical exams during my M.Sc. days were fun. This is another exclusive feature of the Biochemistry Dept.. If my Profs do read this, i'm sure to listen to a word or two the next time i speak to them.

We have about forty experiments listed for each semester, and it was only in the first semester and in the second semester (to a lesser extent) that we actually went to lab regularly. Third sem saw us visit the lab, maybe for a week, and the final sem, we simply stared at the practical syllabus.

Being freshers, we took practical exams real seriously. Mugging those protocols with specific units was tough. I can never 'by-heart' details, especially when there are lots of them. After the fifteen minutes of 'procedure-writing' which were supervised by the staff, we were left to ourselves the rest of the time. During the four-five hour period we would play around while a few of us weighed salts, prepared buffers, and used colourimeters.

Who could have assumed that practical exams during post-grad could be thus? I never could've imagined it myself, if i'd not stepped in there.

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