Thursday, December 10, 2009

fleeting light

The surroundings were dark. Discerning objects would be a tough job. Pebbles, loose sand, beams of iron, grass both fresh and dry hid themselves behind each other. Walking along that path would be difficult especially without a source of light. One could never tell when one could trip and hence fall.

Both ends of the tunnel merged into the inkiness of the night. Unless the eyes were trained to sight things in the blue-black around them, the edges of the tunnel seemed surreal. A soft light lit the now vibrating metal tracks. The strength of the illuminating brightness increased every second. Accompanied by a steady shrill whistle. A train appeared at the other end of the tunnel.

Fleeting yellowness lit every object, differentiating those things that made the floor of the tunnel. For a momentary period of time. The phenomenon would repeat itself in the forthcoming nights.

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