Saturday, November 07, 2009

Scout's definition of a 'mockingbird'

To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee

A sensitive book that talks about children, adults, racism, relationships, principles. I would want every person i know to read this book. When i read books that tend to impress me, i start imagining scenes that unfold before me. I, a silent spectator, watching characters talk. Lee creates endearing scenarios with ease.

I would like to term Atticus (Scout's father), the protagonist. His views and understanding of various things, his attitude towards people comes forth without any hitches. Truthfully, if i can add. I remember having told this to father, if few people like Atticus were to exist in our living world, things would have been so much better.

An honest work. Some sentences (if i may call them so) are well constructed. The title and it's analogy with the books' living characters is nicely put across. A memorable book. I had assumed that such book were difficult to locate. But, i found this one and 1984 at Landmark.

Apparently, this book was made into a film of the same name. Gregory Peck played Atticus in it. I wish to see this film.

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