Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the ITC Gardenia

Today i looked into the recent issue of Smartbuy. One of the 'products' it offered was the ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru. The magazine is simply meant for the rich and elite. There's nothing 'smart' about it.

We had seen the place when it was empty. And now, the same plot houses a luxury hotel. The exterior looks pleasant with beige and a pink-red colour. The interiors look fantastic. Maybe, sometime, i would want to get a feel of it. You know, only limited to seeing and sensing things there.

Such a big hotel bang in the centre of the city (beside Mallya Hospital, opposite Kanteerva Stadium). The status of that road (Residency Road) is raised. Very impressive! They say that they've given nature anmd greenery more than just thought.

Here are some photos on their website:


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen this.. I checked your link it looks amazing...wish I could just look around and admire the structures

mouna said...

Isn't it?