Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I was scanning blogs. That's one things i do regularly these days. As i was going through mine, i realized that most names listed on my blog don't blog regularly except a few.

This has been the situation since the past one year or more than that. I realized it then; at the same time, i had little time and limited access to the Internet. Now that i'm home, i miss their posts. I've read their articles again, which reminds me of those pleasant days. I so wish they could start writing again. It was nice then, a new post followed by notes from people whom you could associate with, across the world wide web.

People, who've taken a break start writing, please. A humble request. And the few who are regulars, don't ever think of taking a hiatus. Especially a long one.

Is anybody listening?
(Bah! Bah! or is it, poor me?)

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