Friday, June 19, 2009

What do i write? It's nearly been 2 months since i actually wrote anything. That apart, i wonder if anybody is following this blog. At all.

Final sem -M.Sc is hectic. Very true to the word. One realises that 24 hours simply can't make a day. Moreover, disaster upon disasters. Leaving midway and running to the shelter of one' house seemed to provide solace. Why couldn't i simply shrugg it off my shoulders? 'Big deal' was the word everyday, then. When things appeared all right. Why can't i look forward, straight;and walk with my shoulders held high?

Those last days spent with friends. Does it have to end? Scrap those day-long shifts in the lab, trying to squeeze in interpretations from confusing results. Friends can sit and yap around 24 hours. We were bid farwell. Fare well in your future days. A fervour wish hoping for all tidings to flood one's path.

I've exams in a couple of days. I've to be cramming knowledge into my head. Understanding 5' UTR in the mRNA of ferritin. Biotechnology is a mish-mash and vague; of all things biological. It's way to technological for biology. Life science and technology, the bridge; i need to imbibe it. Cell biology is better. Or, enzymology seemed better. Or am i saying this because, enzymology is past me, and i think i know the subject better.

It's been days since i met anybody friend online. I so want to do it. I seem to be missing it, a lot. As i play my type of music. Slow and fast, one after another.

One more month, and i don't know what i'll be doing. atleast for now, it's cramming time. Happy cramming to me.


Ms.Hegde said...

Ireally miss reading your blog as they have decreased. But i still keep checking for newer posts though not vry often as i get very very less to sit infront of pc.

praneshachar said...

cramps cramming etc., will be a phase
right now u can use all your time for us do write and post on your gr8 blog we will be enriched
as u will be an M.Sc am sure have got plenty of options. If u love to teach thats one of the best profession. u must take it and as a good teacher u have to be a good student too... keep always reading to deliver. if u r interested in reserach u can continue both too
have a dig I know u must have already lot of things in mind
good luck looking forward for some very thought provoking posts from you mouna come out of mouna