Tuesday, September 02, 2008

coloured illumination

The road always appeared dark and eerie. A typical after-ten-in-the-night look. Very few vehicles can be heard. In addition, a countable number of people are to be observed. People and vehicles of different and varied genres. A quintessential scene of the night.

Today is different. Quite so. The sides of the street has been decked with dominant yellow and sublime orange lights. Strings of them runs throughout the length of the road on both sides. Moreover each house on the same line has it's front verandah lit by these same shades of colour. With reds and greens peeping in between, trying to impress the eye.

Garish and loud, they force that wonder called vision to descry them. Of course, they appear only once in a year. To mark the festival of Ganesha.

When small, we cousins used to finger these tiny glass bulbs enclosed in coloured plastic cases. Despite warnings from elders. We used to pride ourselves in doing so. Irrespective of the small flicker of fear which arose in our hearts, when the contact was made. Obviously that flicker grew into a flame as time passed, when the cousin wanted to test us.

Who knows how many streets are bright today and tomorrow? Many. And who knows where those lights meet ink-blue darkness today. They never would, at least for tonight.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!

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