Sunday, April 06, 2008

a very very bad book

I read Crisis by Arthur Hailey. I had quite high expectations. Another book of his, The Final Diagnosis was talked about, during Zoology classes. When i spotted Crisis, i thought i'd Hailey a try.

Crisis is highly disappointing. I got frustrated midway. But, the author is well-known, and i thought that novel would improve in the later half. I was terribly wrong.

The storyline deals with the shortage of power in a state in the U.S. And the methods used to set it right. The process of setting right is not dealt with at all. In fact, nothing is talked about properly, except for the protagonist and his extra-marital affairs.

This is the first book which i really didn't appreciate. I'd not recommend this particular one to my enemy. It starts off fine, but one will get bored after completing about hundred or so pages. The protagonist and his sexual pleasures is the only thing that is stressed upon. He feels that his marriage is breaking, and tries to find solace in making out with many women. This is the sole thought that occupies his mind, even when he is pressurized at his work place.

The plot ends in a dull manner as well. I regretted having read it, for a long time.

It gets a big zero from me. If you come across that book, ignore it. Period. I'd rather see a Princess Diaries types movies for the hundredth time, though these movies can get really at times. Bah!!


Srik said...

A very very good review!!

Anonymous said...

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parijata said...

Hi Mouna,
I am visiting your site after a long time. I had heard some good words about Arthur Hailey, but after reading your review, I think I will not even give his books a try.

Trust your studies are going good.

mouna said...

i think final diagnosis is pretty ok as a thriller. but definately not crisis.

thanks, i still have to do much to get into my former self.